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12. Assassins' Creed

"So, are we agreed?"

Sheol Griffon looked at the two other beings seated at the table, her movements quick and impatient, like all of her people. Descended from a line of giant raptors, the Shikeera were not known for their patience, except when they were on the hunt. Something that lent itself well to the art of assassination. With effort, she ran a long-taloned hand through the plumage on her arm, hoping that the preening would help calm her nerves. It didn't – the enormity of what she was contemplating was too great for any simple gesture.

In its cloud of dark smoke, the Death Devil twitched and sighed. A creature of darkest magic, its kind had been created during the Mage Wars as weapons of stealth and swift demise. Rarely did you see one – that was the point, really, that you didn't see it until it had dealt the death blow – but now and again one surfaced. It was held that they weren't really alive, contained in a bottle by their wizards until needed, so the sight of this one, free and not trying to kill anyone, was extremely unusual.

~Yeeeessss,~ it spoke at last, its voice more of a sighing of wind across a cold hillside than any living voice. ~It agreeeesss with the plannn.~

"And you?" Sheol's piercing glare turned to the third member of the strange – and so far deadly – group. The man twitched a little and sank back further into his hood.

"It seems to be the only way," he agreed at last. "You have the word of Lord Gale – I will join you in this quest." His hand dropped to the hilt of the short sword – or long knife – at his belt. "To free ourselves of our respective bonds to the craft of death, I agree."

"Very well," Sheol shifted on her perch, satisfied for the moment. "Each of us will target the master of another, the one who holds the keys to our freedom. It will not be an easy task – each of them is strong and cunning and wise in the ways of dark magic – but we are the best assassins in the city. If we cannot do this thing, none can."

~And iff we fail, death will fall sssswiftly,~ added the Devil. Lord Gale nodded grimly.

"It's a win-win situation. Either way, we'll be free."

Note: Based on the following random prompt: In a city of dark magic, three assassins quest for freedom.
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