Rossi (deathpixie) wrote in nano_wrimo,

9. Modern Homes and Gardens

"Sally, I'm home."

"Welcome back, Martin. How was your day?"

"Eh, so-so."

"I'm sorry to hear that. My sensors are detecting high levels of adrenaline and lactic acid in your system, indicating you have been under stress. Would you like a drink?"

"That'd be great, Sally, thanks. Any messages?"

"Only two. Your supervisor sent you that data you needed to complete the Kang project."

"Typical. Looks like I'll be working tonight."

"Unfortunately yes. Also, the bank called. It's time for your monthly deposit."

"Already? I could have sworn I only just did that."

"If you would like me to check, Brian, I can."

"No, Sally, it's probably right. I'll do that now, before I settle in for the night. Can you get things ready?"

"Certainly, Brian. Which pornography would you like to use this time?"

"Eh, I'm not fussed. Something with schoolgirls?"

"Certainly, Brian. I'm queuing up 'Boarding School Follies' for you now on your bathroom screen. The bank's sample jar is ready and waiting."

"Thanks, Sally. This is such a pain in the ass, but I guess it beats all that messy child rearing and family crap, right?"

"I do believe you are correct, Brian. I'll run the shower for you when you are done."
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