Rossi (deathpixie) wrote in nano_wrimo,

21. Biela's Comet

At last, my brethren! The time has come! The most holy day that we have awaited all our lives is finally! The Comet Comes! And with it, great change! For has it not been foretold that a piece of Biela's Comet shall break from the whole and make contact with the Earth? And from that contact shall come a great shaking up of things?

Um, excuse me?

And upon that day, many things will change, and we shall... wait, did you say something?

Well, yes. If you don't mind, I had a question?

A question?

Yes. About this whole comet deal.

May the Maker give me strength... Very well, brother, what is this question?

Well, you know how a piece of the comet is supposed to break off and hit the Earth and a whole bunch of things will change?

Yes, that is the holy Word as has been passed down from generation to generation. What of it?

Well, how do we know we won't be changed?


I mean, what if the comet piece is so big that it destroys the Earth. That'd shake things up, that's for sure, including us.

Well, we have the prophecy...

But the prophecy doesn't say we won't all die a horrible fiery death. It just says the comet will come, a piece will break off and hit the Earth. If doesn't say "and those who follow the way of the Comet will be spared and get to be top dogs", does it?

Well, no, not in so many words. But that's the importance of faith, my brother. We have to believe that we are the Chosen of the Comet and that we will be spared.


Why what?

Why do we have to believe? Why can't we just, I don't know, drop in at the local astronomer's convention and get one of those guys to do some calculations? Crunch some numbers, extrapolate a bit, maybe come up with a feasible scenario?

Come up with a... Heresy! We have a heretic among us! Seize him!

Now, hold on a minute. What sort of religion are we, if we can't handle a bit of thinking outside of the box? It's all well and good to preach about loving your brother and taking care of each other, if the minute someone suggests we expand our brains a bit it's all "heresy!" and "seize him!"

Religion is based on faith. Without faith, we are nothing, and scientific proof makes faith useless. So there. Now, will someone please seize him?

Hey, easy on the robes, I just ironed them! No creases! I was just trying to have a logical disc... oh, what's the point, you're not going to listen anyway. Say, are we having a barbeque? I smell smoke... Oh, come on, you're going to burn me for suggesting we get some proof we're not all going to die when the comet hits? Talk about ironic...
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