Rossi (deathpixie) wrote in nano_wrimo,

19. Beachville

Beachville. It's such a pretty town, isn't it? Everything immaculate, the lawns mowed, the houses clean and newly-painted, the streets free of litter. No chewing gum on the footpaths, even. The people are well-dressed and polite, the children well-behaved and happy. No frowns, no tears, no discontent. Beachville is, in a word, perfect.

Perfection doesn't come easy, however. We work hard, sacrifice a lot, for this town. Every blemish must be removed, every error corrected, every spot cleaned. Of course, it means don't really have a lot of time for anything else, but we really wouldn't have it any other way.

We’re busy here in Beachville, don’t talk to us.
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